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At Shanjoy Tours & Safaris, we help you to organize personalized, authentic, and affordable safaris to Kenya and Tanzania. Sharing the Joy of Adventure!

We Are Shanjoy Tours & Safaris

We are deeply passionate about the unique, authentic feel of Africa, her colorful vibrant people, and, her diverse amazing wildlife. Nothing makes us happier than to share with you the freedom, and fulfilling life experiences of adventure. All we want is to touch lives, give you unforgettable memories, and leave an empowering footprint among the local communities.

Our mantra is simply "To Share the Joy of Adventure!"

We have been travelling since 2017 in search of adventure, unique experiences, and freedom. During this time, our understanding of travel, and the meaning of culture have changed significantly. We have gained a new appreciation of nature and the crucial need to respect and protect wildlife. In every tour we make,  immersing in the unique culture and traditions of the local communities is always a special treat. All we want is to give you a taste of the African wildlife, culture, serenity and beachline!

Wild and Culture

Our experience has also taught us that everyone has a  different way of travelling. For some, the thills are in a slow drive through the African Savannah, in a 4×4 tour jeep, watching wildlife.

For others, immersing in the African culture and experiencing the authentic African lifestyle is simply fulfilling. You want to eat traditional foods, wear Shuka, tie up some beads, dance, and get intoxicated in local brews. Your dreamy wish is to live a day or two in the colours of the African people.

Serene Beach Life

Some want a silent romantic vacation at the Beach, single or combined destination at Diani, Nyali or Zanzibar. Morning swims in the Indian Ocean’s salty waters. Afternoon basking in the tropical sun. And long evening walks on the beach, sandals off, your toes feeling the careless caressing of the white wet sand.

Corporate Teambuilding and Fun Culture

And there are those who accept that work without play, makes for a dull quarter. Spice up your corporate experience with business retreats, team-building events, and executive excursions.

For these diverse needs, we listen to you and work with you in planning your dream trip to Kenya and Tanzania. You best know what you want, and we put our heart out to help you organize a beautiful, and immensely fulfilling Safari experience.

To make your trip as hassle-free as possible, we provide destination transfers, tour expert guidance, hotel and camping booking, flight ticketing, and self-drive rentals (for clients who choose self-drive options).

Why Shanjoy Tours & Safaris

Shanjoy is a company born from our deep love for life-touching adventures.

It is rooted in the spirit of integrity,  reliability, trustworthiness, and commitment to our clients, and the African people.

We respect our motherland Africa, and her natural serenity which is dotted by wildlife unique to her.

We celebrate the African tradition and culture, savouring the compassionate Ubuntu affections.

And most importantly, in making dreams a reality of memorable thrills shared by beautiful souls across the world!

Shanjoy tours- Masai Mara National Reserve
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Traditional Hut- culture
Beach Life

Our Mission

To offer unique, affordable, comprehensive and customized tours both domestic and international.

Our Vision

To be the lead tour operator in East Africa and the world at large.

Why Choose Us

Diverse Destinations

East Africa is a diverse ecosystem with unmatched experiences. Enjoy wildlife and our unique culture through game drives, mountain climbing, beach vacations, and excursions to different destinations across the country.  Shanjoy Tours and Safaris is here to give you an imprinting adventure.

Customised Services

Our team of travel consultants will work with you to tailor-make a safari that meets your personal tastes and preferences.

Value for Money

Shanjoy tours and safaris ensure that every one of our clients receives value for money. This is done by delivering our promise to give you the best safari packages at an affordable price. Our Mantra is to share the “Joy of Adventure” with as many special people as possible.

Excellent Customer Service

Shanjoy Tours and Safaris is made up of passionate people who genuinely care to give you a good experience. As our guests, you will receive 24/7 support throughout your Safari.


We handle all the details of planning your Safari including;

  • Accommodations,
  • Airport-hotel transfers,
  • excursions,
  • Game drives
  • Destination transfer

We ensure to keep to the schedule so that your safari adventures are exceptionally hassle-free and memorable.

Depth Knowledge of Market

Our staff has a broad knowledge of the East African wild destinations and the local culture. From expert advice to personalized tour guidance, we make sure you get an exceptional  African experience.

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Our support Hotline is available all day long : (+254) 723 086 862

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 2pm

Office Location

        Mugumo Park, Kikuyu Rd,

        Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Kenya

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We operate in full compliance with the Tourism Regulatory Authority of Kenya.

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We operate in full compliance with the Tourism Regulatory Authority of Kenya.