Amboseli National Park

With Mount Kilimanjaro as its backdrop, Amboseli National Park is a world of enchanting beauty. A game drive here will explode you with excitement.

With Mount Kilimanjaro as its backdrop, Amboseli National Park is a paradise of extraordinaries. It is explosive with biota and reputed as a sanctuary for the big- tasked Elephants.

Siting just 5 kilometres from the  Kenyan-Tanzanian border, the Amboseli National Park is reputed as one of the best wildlife sighting experiences in the world. The word “Amboseli”  means “open plain with salty dust” in Masai. The park is positioned in southern Kenya and dons a backdrop of the ice-crowned Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest free-standing mountain peak.

As a natural reserve, The Amboseli National Park was declared a UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve in 1991. Its unique environment ranges from the savannah woodlands to the wetlands with sulphur springs. The park is encompassed by the dried-up lake basin. The basin was when volcanic lava erupting from Kilimanjaro blocked the course of the Pangani River. The lake fills up during the rainy season, and the savannah becomes swampy wetlands.   During the dry season, the grassy savannah turns to ‘salty dust’.

Safari Expeditions and Activities


One of The  Amboseli National Park attractions is the unique flat topography. It is broken by extinct volcano vents; Nomatior, Limberishari, Lemomo, Ositeti and Kitirua. The sparse vegetation and mosaic landscapes make sure you are rewarded with unparalleled safari experiences.


Moreover, the Amboseli National Park’s signature attraction is the  African bush-tusked elephants.  There is also a fair chance to see East African lions, cheetahs, leopards, blue wildebeest, Grant’s zebras, Cape buffaloes, Masai giraffes and more as they interact in the natural habitat.

Bird Watching

Additionally, Amboseli National Park has over 400 recorded bird species including kingfishers, hammerkops, pelicans and raptors.

Masai Culture and Heritage

Lastly, the park is strategically situated in close proximity to the Maasai community where you can experience their authentic cultural heritage. If You can a night in traditional houses called Inkajijik,  and wear their elaborate bead works.

Fact File

Whether dancing to the musical trumpets or chasing with the lions, the Amboseli National Park enchantments will craze you with wild excitement. 

Climate: Relatively dry and warm weather.

Attractions:  – The Big Five, especially Large herds of elephants

  • Kilimanjaro
  • Observation Hill gives you a spectacular view of the park especially the crystal swamps, elephants, buffaloes, and Egyptian goose among others.
  • Maasai indigenous culture and lifestyle.

  Park Activities:  Game drives, Birding, Camping, and Scenic  Photography.

  Park Accessibility:  Shanjoy Tours organises safari transfers either by road or air.

By Road: From Nairobi- Arusha road (240km), entering through the Meshanani Gate. Other routes include Nairobi – Mombasa road (228km) through Emali.

  • From Mombasa, enter through Kimana (Olkelunyiet) Gate via Tsavo West National Park.
  • The roads are covered by loose volcano soil that makes them dusty during the dry season and impassable in the rain season.

By Air: Airstrip for light aircraft at Empusel gate. Planes can also land at Namanga Town or Kilimanjaro Buffalo lodge.

Accommodation: In the park, Amboseli National Park is lined up with self-catering cottages, campsites, and five-star lodges that offer luxury and budget lodging.

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