Samburu National Park


The Samburu Diverse Ecosystem

The Samburu National Park is an iconic tourist destination in Northern Kenya. The park is adorned by an abundance of wildlife,  drawn here by the Ewaso Nyiro River.  Its riverine is lined with doum palm groves, wild figs, and forests which give the park a beach beauty.

Uniquely, the Ewaso Nyiro river feeds life in three national reserves. On one side of its bank, stretching about 104 Km2  to the north lies the Samburu National Park. On the other side, the Buffalo Springs National Reserve sits 131 Km2 South. Downstream across the highway lies Shaba National Reserve, 239 Km2. Experiencing a game drive through the three parks is a magical experience.

Shanjoy Tours- Samburu DikDik
Dik-Dik, sighted at Samburu National Park by Shanjoy Tour Guides

Unique Wildlife Sightings

The Samburu National Park came to international stardom as the set of the award-winning film “Born Free” produced by  George and Joy Adamson. The film focuses on  Elsa, an orphaned lioness rescued, raised and released back to the Park.

Besides the lions, the park is famed for its abundance of rare northern specialist species including the Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy Zebra, Gerenuk, Pancake tortoises, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dogs, Somali Ostrich and the Beisa Oryx.

Scenery and Photography

Away from the river, the landscape is dominated by rocky ridges running from north to south. The knife-edged Koitogor forms the masterpiece of the escarpment with a magical transformation to a pyramid as you drive around it. About 20 km away from Koitogor to the north lies an impressive Ol Olekwe mesa. It forms the gateway to Northern Kenya and runs up to Marsabit. You will enjoy perfect animal photography with magical backdrops.


The park has over 450 bird species. Notable residents include the Great Egret, African Darter, Martial Eagle, White-headed Vulture, Superb Starling, the Yellow OX-pecker, Kori, Heuglin’s, buff-crested bustards, and the distinctive Somali Ostrich.


Fact Files

Attractions: Game drives, bird-watching, Photography, Samburu Cultural Tour.

Accommodation: Inside the park,  you can find comfortable lodging at Samburu Game Lodge, Elephant Bedroom Camp, Sarova Shaba Lodge, Samburu Simba Lodge, Lion King Bush Camp, Samburu Sopa Lodge, Sentrim Samburu Lodge, and Joys camp.

Location: The Samburu National Reserve is located 400KM northeast of Nairobi, in what is now Samburu County.


By road: Enter through Isiolo and Archer’s Post.

By Air:  Nairobi-to Samburu flights and private charter flights are available daily.   Our Shanjoy tour consultant will guide you on the best route for the most superb experience.

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